Fish Alaska halibut fishing“When Melissa Norris from Fish Alaska called and said she had a halibut rig for me to try, I have to admit that I was skeptical. I envisioned another flashy swivel- and bead- infested Christmas ornament looking setup, maybe even with some lights. I was pleasantly surprised. The GOTEM Baits squid is pretty no nonsense. As halibut are rarely line shy where we fish, I like the gangion leaders. These are simple and clean, tangle free, and make it easy to handle a big fish at the boat. The hook is sharp and the squid is the toughest plastic bait that I’ve come across. We’ll use them confidently in our spread.”

– Matt Kopec, Owner/Captain, Whittier Marine Charters

GOTEM Baits Halibut Fishing“Went out to field test some gear with Michael Alexanderoff. It works! We hit a halibut spot yesterday with herring and didn’t hook anything. Today we went back with GOTEM Baits and instantly hooked up! Crazy!”

– Jeff Peterson, Owner/Captain, Kodiak Combos

Valdez Alaska Halibut Fishing

“On our last fishing trip out of Valdez I used a GOTEM Baits Transformer Series® with half a herring attached  while everyone else used a traditional hook and herring. Once my limit was caught I passed the pole off and by the end of the trip, half of the boat’s limit was caught on the GOTEM Baits. I like the ability to customize the leader length to make it comfortable for our style of fishing. I can’t wait for the next trip out!”

– Thale Steenhoven, DIY Angler, Valdez, Alaska


Valdez Fishing Halibut

“Half of this day’s haul this summer was caught on GOTEM Transformer Series Baits.” – Thale Steenhoven