Gotem Baits Transformer Series Octopus-Style Bait

Halibut and other bottom fish love the Gotem Baits Transformer Series™

NEW Sickle Leg for More Action

NEW Silicone Scent Spacer for Paste Scent

NEW: Legs are reinforced with inner armor to resist rips and tears from aggressive bites

Now Available in 2 Styles:

  • Bladed Legs
  • Sickle Legs

3 Sizes Available:

  • 10″ Complete Bladed Leg Bait with Extended Head
  • 10″ Complete Sickle Leg Bait with Extended Head
  • 12 ½” Complete Sickle Leg Bait with Extended Head

8 Colors:

  • White UV
  • White UV GLO
  • Octopus UV GLO
  • Light Green UV GLO
  • Black UV
  • Copper UV
  • Clear UV
  • Flesh Soft GLO
  • Custom colors on request


  • Can be enhanced with scent pads or with silicone spacer for paste scent
  • Each bait component is hand poured and assembled to order in Alaska




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