Tips for catching Halibut with GOTEM Baits Transformer Series™

Catch more Halibut using GOTEM Baits Transformer Series™

Jeff Peterson, Kodiak Combos

Kodiak Combos with Peterson’s Adventures’ Jeff Peterson

Pacific halibut are delicious, hard-fighting bottom fish that sport anglers love to target. In Alaska they are fished from ports across the state from Prince William Sound and Homer’s Kachemak Bay to Dutch Harbor and around the islands of the southeast. Halibut have topped the scales at 500# but the average size catch is between 15# and 70#. Halibut over 100# do exist and all these fish are feeding on octopus and squid. GOTEM Baits Transformer Series® baits are realistic octopus replicas made to entice these big fish!

Choosing a Bait to Fish Halibut

The first thing in deciding what bait to use is what size fish you want to target. Big trophy fish? Or meat fish for the freezer? Small baits yield small fish, larger baits yield larger fish. The smaller baits will catch big fish, bigger baits most likely will not catch smaller fish. GOTEM Baits Transformer Series™ baits are changing the way halibut anglers fish and are just the ticket to catching more and larger halibut. Extended heads are now available with scent pads or our silicone spacer to use with paste scent. Be sure to thoroughly rinse pads/spacer after use and let air dry to prevent mold. Adding a piece of bait to the hook can also be done to increase scent trail.

Choosing a Color

The color of the bait really is the fisherman’s choice. Our baits are UV enhanced to increase bait recognition depending on light, time of day, water depth, water clarity, etc.  Select baits are UV and GLO, and will be visible for half an hour to an hour, depending on water temperature. All baits have glo eyes. The bait colors  we offer have been proven to catch predatory and opportunistic fish like halibut, ling cod, rock and other bottom fish.

  • Clear UV : April– mid June
  • White UV : June– mid July
  • Green UV GLO : July– August
  • Octopus UV GLO : August – September
  • Black UV : Bright sunny days
  • White UV GLO : Good for deep drop or fill in
  • Flesh Soft GLO : Good for deep drop or fill in